UKA Medals

Salsa and Bachata

The process of taking your UKA Latin Club Dance medals with Infinity Salsa is designed to develop you as a dancer from a competent Beginner through to a confident club dancer. The medals courses run by Infinity Salsa are designed to stretch and inspire dancers of every level, showing you how to achieve recognition for what you can already do well and suggesting the way forward for you to achieve your next target.

Salsa Bronze: Dance a routine given to you by the teacher. Show off your timing, posture, balance, Cuban motion, knowledge of basic steps and ability to dance with a partner.

Salsa Silver: Dance a routine suggested to you by the teacher, however you can incorporate your favourite moves if they work well for the leader and follower. Show off your extended knowledge of moves, body work, styling and your growing confidence on the dance floor.

Salsa Gold: Devise a routine with the guidance of teacher, which will give you the chance to impress the examiner. The gold salsa routine should be a performance worth watching! You will incorporate spins, syncopated timing, shines, advanced partnerwork and styling into your routine. It will take concentration and dedication - however your satisfaction will be worth the effort!

Bachata Bronze: As Salsa Bronze. Dance a routine given to you by the teacher. Show off your basic knowledge of one of the most widely loved dances on the club circuit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medals

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