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Dance Etiquette


  • Learn floor craft - how to dance without bumping into anyone else and making sure that your partner does not dance into furniture / fixtures and fittings!
  • Try to copy the steps you are shown and ask your partner for help to make the move work even better
  • Dance moves may require you to get close with someone else, but don't forget that the dance floor is a very public place.  Treat your partners and yourself with respect
  • Dance with lots of different people.  It is a good way of ironing out faults that might get missed if you only dance with one regular partner

Dance practice and salsa parties

  • YOU can ask anyone to dance.  Just go up to them and ask! You are not asking for life long commitment . . . just 4 minutes to dance to the next track!

  • After the dance is over, say 'Thank-you' even if it was not your best dance and start looking out for your next dance partner

  • If you don't know anyone, watch people dancing first to find someone who looks like they might dance at your level

  • Make sure you look like you are ready to dance.  If you lurk in a corner it is going to be harder for someone to find you

  • Look up! Even if you are feeling a bit under-confident, don't look down when you are dancing.  If you do, the other person will think that you are looking them up and down! The other danger is that you will bang them on the nose with the top of your head!

  • Treat the dance floor like a stage.  You are becoming a performer and you might just discover a new side to your personality!